This site was set up for those in the world who give a damn about justice. And to make those who don’t pay heed. We live in a horrific world where one fourth of the population is expendable, where another quarter is reserved for the heavy, dirty and boring work; where five percent is playing all kinds of tricks just to increase its wealth which cannot be consumed even if they were to eat, drink and buy everything that they could conceivably desire; where the majority, instead of rebelling, is trying to get its share from the leftovers of tyrants and oppressors. Some of us aren’t even aware of this; at the places where these people frequent the “other” is never seen. Most of us are aware of it; we’ve embraced our “selves” so thoroughly that we have no room for anyone else. Today’s life is founded on hypocrisy. Here you will find its terms.

To get the ball rolling, from a contextual point of view, this technically somewhat odd film had been made. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to stuff those words into the mouths of those who are expressing the ideal state of what humanity has finally come to.

My writings about the "Terms Of Hypocrisy" (turkish) are on my blog with the same name. I hope I can enrich this site with other visual products.